Sara (kennystractor) wrote in bandxicons,

The Doom Song

Name or Nickname: Sara

Favorite Bands: sum 41, green day fan since 1990, papa roach, chevelle, future leaders of the world, crossfade, lost profits, korn, slipknot, mudvayne, powerman 5000, 3 doors down, the rasmus, riddlin kids, cake, the used, my chemical romance, posion, staind, muse, modest mouse, disturbed, sevendust, senses fail, taking back sunday, seether, evanescence, audioslave, hawthorne heights, a perfect cirle, POD, unwritten law, saliva, the exies, velvet revolver, thrice, the killers, foo fighters, shinedown, blink 182, queens of the stone age... and i could keep going. but i'll stop for the sake of you.

Least Favorite Bands: hoobastank, eh, theres others, i just cant think of em

AIM SN(optional): rockstarvintagee (must be on my buddy list to see me online)

Additional Info: hi!
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