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Band Icons
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Welcome to Bandxicons! This is a community where livejournal users can create icons, banners, and other graphics of their favorite bands. You can make icons of any band you want.
1.This is a community for band icons. Icons of Hilary Duff or other pop stars are not permitted. Avril Lavigne is the only exception though because she is accually in a band. If you don't like that Avril is the only exception well that's just too bad because it's my community and I make up the rules.
2.No argueing with mods. That will result in you getting kicked out of the community.
3.You are allowed to premote your communities as long as it isn't the only thing you do here.
4.You are also allowed to put up reminders and other info about bands in the communities.
EXAMPLE:1/18/04-Just a reminder...Blink 182 will be on 100% today on FUSE. Make sure to watch it!
5.Don't diss any of the bands in here. If you don't like them then that is your opinion. Keep it to yourself because nobody honestly cares what you think about the bands that they like. Unless you like that band they keep your opinions to your self. The only place you can put that you dislike a band is in your first post...but you'll see that when you get to the next rule.
6.When you first join the community to make sure you read all of the rules...in your first post type "The Doom Song" in the subject line.
For your accual entry post:
Name or Nickname:
Favorite Bands:
Least Favorite Bands:
AIM SN(optional):
Additional Info:
7.Please follow all the rules and it will make this community a better place.