Liquor and Sex Whore (dragon_heartx) wrote in bandxicons,
Liquor and Sex Whore

The Doom Song

Name or Nickname: Kel'leigh; Prefered Kel
Favorite Bands:Spill Canvas;Dashboard;REM;Mynx;AFI;FOB(od); SexPistols;Clash;RiloKiley;Ashlee Simpson(getoverit)
Least Favorite Bands:GC;SimplePlan;icp;slipknot...imnnot a metal fan really
AIM SN(optional): ich habe tupfen
Additional Info:I'm a junior in highschool, i am good at gettin graphics and gettin good pics, i can do html but not very well, eeeeeee i love boysssssssss and i like to dance rawr and i have spacebars...but i am kinda forced to use them or you wont understand a word i say hehe

yeah if youneed any images i can help you them just do whateverrrrrrr
i dont make icons but i can help you with hostin them and shit

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