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The Doom Song

Name or Nickname: Jenny
Favorite Bands: Green Day, The Killers, Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, New Radicals, The Clash, sum 41, the shins are pretty cool, and other random ones.
Least Favorite Bands: I tend to dislike most really whiny-voiced sounding bands, and I don't really bother to get their names. I also prefer bands that don't say crap like "We wear fucking SAFETY PINS everywhere so we're fucking HARDCORE, and you suck if you don't!" Gah, I hate saefty pins. There are exceptions, sometimes good songs come out of them, so I couldn't really be specific.
AIM SN(optional): Unklemakisgone
Additional info: I'm on a permanent Green Day fix, I came to this community from a Green Day one. :)
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